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Strong foundations

The company was founded by Myk Baxter, Managing Director, who has over a decade of experience in what is a fiercely competitive field. With a background in online marketing and advertising (across industries such as insurance, telecom and financial services), Myk is an established and respected name in the web design and marketing arenas. Although he formed Myk Baxter Marketing in April 2010, it had actually been trading overseas since 2008.

A winning team

In online marketing, Myk has forged a reputation for succeeding where so many others fail. Utilising customised internet marketing strategies, he can turn a just-about-there company into a powerhouse, and make a great company better. But, of course, he doesn't achieve all this on his own...

The MBM team has been designing, developing, optimising and successfully strategising for years, and feel that there is nothing we'd rather do and no other industry we'd rather be in. We're simply PASSIONATE about our work.

That same passion shines through in every one of the projects we handle for businesses of all types, large and small. What can we do for you?

Let our success bolster yours

Our cumulative experience gives us a competitive edge: an edge that your own business can benefit from. We will understand exactly what your web design and online marketing needs are, and then get to work. Quite simply, we create websites that tell a story: yours; in a way that will make the world stop and listen.

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