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eCommerce Solutions Services

More and more companies are selling their goods and services online, through eCommerce websites.

These days, people are busy!

For most of us, online shopping is easy, convenient and hassle-free, making increasing demand for eCommerce sites understandable. But that means for online retailers, competition is fierce, as most 'bricks and mortar' stores and businesses are now simply expected to also have an online presence.

So how do you stand out from the crowd? Gain an edge? Win more customers and make more sales per annum than your competitors?

The answer is to have a customised eCommerce site designed and developed by industry experts: dedicated professionals who 1) have a history of creating successful eCommerce sites for businesses large and small, and 2) always remain abreast of changing eCommerce web design technologies and techniques.

Myk Baxter Marketing is exactly that. We can offer you client-focused and commercially sophisticated eCommerce Development solutions.

Some eCommerce website benefits:

  • Scope – Once your eCommerce website from us goes live, you automatically have the potential to reach your target market, locally and globally
  • Online Payments – One of the most important aspects of eCommerce Development is your payment gateway. If customers find buying from you slow and difficult, they will take their money somewhere else. Our knowledge of all the latest payment methods and cards gives us the know-how to create an eCommerce site for you specific to your market, helping you to generate profits and retain customers
  • Customer-Base Expansion – Once you entrust eCommerce Development for your website to us, we will take the time to research your field, understand the typical needs of your target market, and assess how your customer-base is likely to grow over a projected period. Armed with this information, we will then allow scope for alteration and expansion to your site accordingly
  • Tracking Sales – Every business needs to keep track of sales. We help you do that with ease by incorporating an Automatic Report Generation feature into your site, providing you with an accurate record of what's selling (and what's not!)
  • Upselling – Once a customer has selected a product or service that they're interested in buying, related products can be displayed and suggested as additional purchases
  • Customer Loyalty – eCommerce, done right, is a superb way of developing and maintaining customer relationships. To your site, we can add customer loyalty programs: the perfect way to encourage repeat purchases
  • Automation – Automation is the key to operational efficiency. When a customer makes an online purchase via your website, the order will be automatically sent to your Accounts, with a request for the order to be shipped from your warehouse being made, post-payment. This speedy process requires no human intervention, saving you money on staffing

With you all the way

Our eCommerce Development team is always in innovation-mode! We work closely with every client to develop a suitable digital strategy, assist in business case development, as well as answering any questions around logistics and fulfillment.

The intuitive user-interface that we design for you will be true to your brand; will maximise basket value, and boost your conversion rates. What's more, we offer ongoing support once your search engine optimised eCommerce site from us opens for business!


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