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HTML5 Development Services

HTML5 is the latest version of hyper-text markup language, which is used in building websites. It has retained several features from its the earlier versions, with some interesting new updates being added.

Astounding versatility (and then some!)

For the uninitiated, technology talk can seem, well, baffling. Myk Baxter Marketing takes the confusion (and perhaps the anxiety) out of it all, by simply using the right tools and creating the right strategies when taking clients' website development and internet marketing requirements completely on our shoulders.

Having an effective and reliable online marketing partner like us by your side means you're then free to concentrate on other aspects of running your business.

Take a look at how our HTML 5 Development services can help you:

  • Built-In Video/Audio Playback – In the earlier HTML versions, third party programs - such as Adobe Flash Player, Silverlight or QuickTime - were necessary to play video and audio. This made accessing web-based media awkward, and errors would often crop up. The HTML5 Development solutions we provide solve all these problems: you can look forward to getting full audio and video support for your site.
  • Offline Caching (a completely new concept with HTML5) – This allows visitors to load some specific elements on web pages, even without an active internet connection, as long as they have visited that same site in the past. Should your connection suddenly drop, you can still load the core elements of your site. When we handle HTML 5 Development for you, we can effectively define the files that are saved by visitors' browsers.
  • Cleaner Code – This helps developers like us make changes more easily, as well as allowing us to better optimise your site for improved search engine readability.
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility – HTML5 is compatible across all the major browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera and Safari. Although some new features launched with the latest HTML 5 Development version may not be accessible via these browsers, they can at least read its doctype.
  • Mobile Optimisation – Use HTML5 to create mobile websites and applications. We can build mobile websites effectively for you, giving you full functionality across a range of mobile devices. Since there is no requirement for horizontal scrolling, all mobile data users can browse websites with ease

Effective solutions

Adobe has discontinued the support for mobile Flash Player, which has now paved the way for the latest HTML5 to handle all interactive tasks on mobile devices. For the latest and most effective HTML5 Development solutions, call Myk Baxter Marketing on +44 (0) 20 3239 6647 or simply hit the "Enquire Today" button below.


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