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Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing in London

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Pay Per Click Services

Pay Per Click advertising (aka AdWords) services were launched at the start of 2000. Since then, businesses worldwide have used it to create effective online marketing campaigns – campaigns that allow them to generate more revenue by selling more services and products, via search engines.

Myk Baxter Marketing provides full-service marketing solutions, and that includes winning Pay Per Click marketing campaigns.

Find and convert more customers

Pay Per Click service is an effective tool that can help your business in numerous ways:

  • easurement and Analysis – Most other advertising systems do not allow you to measure and analyse the efficacy of your campaign. With Pay Per Click advertising service, we can help you gauge and discover exactly how your investment and ROI is being generated. Armed with this information, you can constantly optimise your online marketing campaigns and garner better results.
  • Qualified Traffic – With Pay Per Click service, you pay only when a user clicks on your particular ad. This means only qualified users will usually click through, increasing your chances of conversions.
  • Equal Advertising Opportunities – Some say that advertisers who pay search-engine companies larger amounts get better rankings and locations. Though this may be the case with other forms of advertising, it does not hold true for Pay Per Click service. As long as you do a better job in terms of quality and relevance with reference to enhancing the user experience, you will get better results and the best positions.
  • High Relevance – Using Pay Per Click service, it is possible to make your ads strongly relevant. They can be made visible only to those who have an interest in your specific service or product. We will help you choose all the right keywords for your copy, maximising your chances of attracting targeted traffic. It is this high relevance factor that makes Pay Per Click service so extraordinarily effective. With a higher Click Through Rate (CTR), your conversions will be higher as well.
  • Speed – When you use Pay Per Click service correctly, it is possible to get results almost instantaneously. We can create your ads and campaigns in such a way that all your prospects can view them FAST (you won't have to wait for weeks for them to appear online)

Impactful online marketing

Effective online marketing always involves 1) adopting a well-balanced approach, 2) providing customised solutions, and 3) ensuring that you track and analyse all your advertising efforts.

That is exactly what Myk Baxter Marketing can do for you.


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