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Online Reputation Management (ORM) Services in London

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Online Reputation Management Services

If you're unhappy with what viewers see whenever they search for your business on Google and other search engines, it’s definitely time for some serious brand protection! Myk Baxter Marketing can provide that. Our team will help clean up your business image online, burying bad publicity and creating positivity around your brand – using our time-tested Online Reputation Management solutions.

Your reputation is your most valuable asset

Devious competitors, disgruntled employees and spiteful customers can sometimes create havoc, in an attempt to damage a business's reputation online (a reputation that may have taken years to forge). Handling the problem requires efficiency, discretion and expertise. Myk Baxter Marketing does not consider any problem insurmountable, despite the depths some people will sink to.

Rather than adopting a kind of 'one size fits all' approach to Online Reputation Management, we divide the work into either individual or brand audits, as each of these has their own unique issues.

He best tools

If you are facing an Online Reputation Management concern, our expert consultants will:

  • Show you exactly how to monitor and track everything being said about you online
  • Provide you with the right tools to identify slander and swiftly remove it from search engines
  • Demonstrate techniques that can be employed should an in-house issue arise. Potential damage to your online reputation by a current staff member should be forestalled immediately, as this can damage team morale, fragment focus and create divisions in the workplace

Online Reputation Management and monitoring tools come in different sizes and shapes, and are similar to social media software and SEO. We can offer you, or your entire team, consultation where we will assess which tools are going to best meet your resources, brand and budget.

Have the last laugh!

When seeking to protect, improve or restore your reputation online, we start at the beginning. Through investigation into the primary source of all the negative publicity we can then formulate a detailed plan, in the shortest time possible, to:

  • Dull the impact of online harassment, negative reviews and any erroneous comments made about your business
  • Shield you from further harassment
  • Counteract the negativity around your brand – e.g. by leveraging social media platforms and creating brand advocates – effectively utilising the negativity as a kind of catalyst or springboard, meaning you'll actually emerge from the whole process with a stronger, enhanced image!


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