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Successful marketing is usually best achieved through gentle yet persistent persuasion. If people feel unduly pressurised to buy, they tend to take their money elsewhere. Having 'correctly weighted' Web content that is relevant, useful, honest, unambiguous and positioned right is most effective – it's what great online marketing is all about.

But selling is only one aspect of online marketing. There are various other factors to consider...

Pitch perfect, every time

Over the years, Myk Baxter Marketing has become expert in crafting web content for a multitude of companies and organisations, across a vast range of industries. We have an in-depth understanding of how to pitch content just right, so that the customer doesn't feel pressurised, uncomfortable, backed into a corner... Using subtlety and nuance to gently persuade and convince, as well as empowering the customer so that they feel purchasing is their decision and theirs alone, is our adopted approach. It's an approach that proves consistently successful.

Web content should be:

  • Friendly, inclusive and (very often) understated. Heavy selling and persistence can put people on the defensive, on their guard. And you don't want that. Engage them with accessible and conversational text, and be empathetic. The content should be primarily about them, not about you
  • Helpful, informative and jargon-free. Readers are busy. They don't want to be overwhelmed with irrelevances, or blinded by science. Make them feel like that and they'll click off your web page, taking their custom elsewhere
  • Entertaining, enlightening and interesting, so that readers will want to share it with others on their social networks. When readers find your website content sharable, they will be more inclined to visit your website over and again.
  • Engaging – you need to hold the reader's interest from first word to last, before finishing off with an irresistible call-to-action
  • Regularly updated – adding fresh content to your site is essential. Google rewards this, and readers appreciate being kept up to speed with company news, exciting industry developments, offers and future plans.

Keeping you current

The team at Myk Baxter Marketing will update all content on your site regularly, ensuring it always has the very latest information, flawlessly written.


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