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SEO Marketing Services

Powerfully optimised website content is a critical element in your overall online presence. It can help boost your rankings and give your business the exposure it needs. At Myk Baxter Marketing we offer the very best SEO Marketing services, and can help propel your site to the high search engine list position it needs.

An ongoing process

SEO is never a one-time effort. The process is a continuing one, as relevant keyword requirements may sometimes alter. Algorithms (think of them as a set of rules to be followed in computer calculations) on search engines can frequently change, making it difficult for any company to keep track of all their online content: to update it and keep it relevant.

The good news is that you don't have to cope with all these changes alone. Expert help is at hand...

Myk Baxter says: "SEO Marketing is the most important strategy in online marketing, and increasingly used by businesses to promote their products or services. Always make sure to choose an experienced SEO marketing agency skilled in all SEO methodologies.”

Tangible results

We have a team of experienced designers, writers and coders who will work on your site’s content and provide tangible results, by:

  • Placing all the relevant keywords in the content on your website (and keeping these updated).
  • Writing meta tags.
  • Using anchor text.
  • Naming your website files appropriately

The whole process begins with us conducting extensive market research. Every aspect of on-page optimising and link development is looked into carefully. We study your competition* and then, based on everything we've learned about your business and how it works, offer you a customised solution.

* We break down the off-site and the on-site tactics of your rivals, giving you a competitive edge

We go further

We also carry out an in-depth analysis of the on-page optimisation of your website on an ongoing basis, and identify all areas where there's scope for improvement. We analyse in a precise manner, going beyond simple data tracking and user behavior.

These days, many companies have in-house SEO teams, but keyword marketing and keyword research can be an overwhelming, time-consuming task. Why not simply leave it all to us? We're masters at tracking, analysing and improving keyword rankings, and we have the tools to best suit your specific strategy, environment, internal resources and budget.


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