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Web re design Services

If your website looks dull and lifeless; and your content hasn't been improved, added to or made more relevant for, well, ages; it's definitely time to consider a website re-design.

Like consumers browsing in bricks and mortar High Street stores, online shoppers are more likely to buy if product lines frequently change, and the internal decor is totally NOW –reflecting current trends and feeling wholly appropriate for the target audience; rather than being tired, dated, stuck in a time-warp...

Website Design Services

Let's face it. How long would you hang around in a place like that? And would you ever go back or recommend it?

Thought not!

That's why website re-design makes perfect sense. What's more, overhauling your site and breathing new life into every aspect of it can help you target a new audience, expand your reach, and draw attention to your business (an optimised online press release excitedly telling the world about your website's "complete make-over" could work wonders when it comes to getting your brand talked about).

Introducing MBM. Masters of website rejuvenation

It's true. Since 2008, the talented team at Myk Baxter Marketing has performed miracles: re-designing websites for businesses large and small, and forging an enviable reputation for rejuvenating sites while concurrently reversing the fortunes of companies who for too long had languished in 'the bowels' of the Net: never appearing in first or second page listings on popular search engines, rarely having users leave comments on their company blog, being practically invisible on social media, being forgotten about, dismissed, ignored...

We can make you memorable
When we re-design your website, we take the following elements into consideration:

  • The Latest Trends – We don't just mean great colours and graphics. We also utilise technological advancements (and little-known design techniques) to enhance your site's entire look. Just as online trends change, so should you. Don't worry, we'll ensure you don't get left behind in the online race; instead you'll lead the pack with a website re-design that makes you SO current or even Next Generation.
  • Enhancing User Experience – Making a website more user-friendly is one way of attracting prospective customers. If the viewer finds the website easy to navigate and use, they will be more inclined to return. This can lead to increased conversions.
  • Professional Look – Any business owner that expects people to take their company seriously should have a site that simply oozes professionalism throughout. We can take the most unattractive sites and give them that almost indefinable sheen that separates the amateurs from the genuine pros.
  • Search Engine Ranking – Attracting traffic to your site is primarily about ranking highly in search engine results. Re-designing or updating your website regularly will help push you higher up Google, Bing and all the rest

Myk Baxter Marketing adopts a methodical approach to website re-design. Every change we make on your site will add value to it, improving the profitability of your business.


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