About Myk Baxter Marketing

Founded in 2010 by Myk Baxter, Myk Baxter Marketing (more lovingly referred to as MBM) is a boutique digital marketing and web development agency that helps grow businesses through WordPress and Shopify Development, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Paid Performance Marketing (Google Ads, Social Ads and Content Marketing).

Led by digital marketing consultant and eCommerce expert Myk Baxter, our UK-based team of talented web developers, designers, marketers and e-commerce experts is dedicated to delivering unmatched results to businesses of all sizes. 

What sets us apart is not only our deep understanding of the digital marketing world but also our ability to save you time and money by taking the lead in increasing your digital presence, growing leads and securing sales that are specific to your needs.

Our close-knit team of professionals work with you, rather than for you to find solutions that work for you. Our agile approach, open communication and flexibility allow for better levels of service and performance which are specifically tailored to you through the assets we produce. 

Together, we work to ensure that deadlines are met and projects and campaigns are delivered to the highest standard, day or night, rain or shine and even on weekends if required. 

Whether you are a small startup or a nationwide chain, we’ll help you to grow your brand message, increase your online presence and gain new leads. 

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Web Design

Everything we do is thoughtfully tied with creativity: branding, logo design, graphics, and illustrations. We will take any idea and turn it into the best branding or re-branding project!

Digital Marketing

Developing digital products is a huge passion of ours. We specialize in eCommerce websites, content management systems, search optimization, app development, hosting and production.


We employ marketing experts who deliver tactical marketing analysis and provide consultations regarding marketing strategies, such as digital, pay per click, media and direct marketing.

What Our Clients Say

I really appreciated his patience and energy, keeping his cool even when barraged with my many questions. Would suggest to all. Thanks Myk
Sean Oliver
A friend recommended Myk Baxter to me and it\’s one of the best business decisions I have ever made. Company is fantastic to deal with. Massive thumbs up from me.
Phil Nicol
A Pleasure
I had the pleasure of dealing with Myk and Phil of Myk Baxter Marketing to have a logo created for my upcoming website and could not be any happier with the product I received or the service.
Samantha Stanley
Very professional looking designs which has been mentioned a number of times from my customers, family and friends. I will be certainly using Myk Baxter Marketing for future projects.
Ian Breeton
Next Level
Myk Baxter Marketing provide a fast, efficient and professional service. I would highly recommend them to anyone. The websites they create will take your business to a completely new level.
Sam Dickinson
The best
It has been a pleasure to work with Myk Baxter marketing online company. They have created the new website from scratch which exceeded all my expectations!
Deco Kids
Myk is a great guy who will go out of his way to help you. He has expert SEO knowledge and has got some of our clients some excellent results.
Charlotte Nichols
I was very impressed with Myk\’s desire to meet with me, the customer, in an effort to learn more about me, the company and my requirements. The results were pleasing and I\’d highly recommend the company\’s services.
Jason Rose
At every stage we were kept in the loop, everything we asked for we got. Great service, great communication and will recommend to anyone that asks.
What I like about dealing with Myk Baxter Marketing is that they use a no-jargon approach and are straight to the point while remaining professional.
Johnny Cohen

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