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Covid themed reasons aside, the world of online marketing is still cruising full speed ahead. With many businesses turning to online sales to cover their losses in the lockdown, brands need to maintain relationships with their audiences through marketing strategies that work.

The experts at Myk Baxter Marketing suggest that during this season of uncertainty, businesses should still focus on more long term goals. As Covid trends come and go, the role of digital marketing needs to be flexible and adaptable, but an overarching plan goes further than you would expect during this time.

Here are some key facts to remember when pulling together an online marketing strategy:

1. GenZ Engage in New Ways

YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat are among the top social channels for the Gen Z population. They also spend more time on Twitch, Discord, and TikTok than more ‘traditional’ social media platforms we know and (begrudgingly) love. However, the algorithms are becoming increasingly complex to navigate, often preventing retailers from reaching young shoppers. By establishing a popular presence on these new platforms, you’ll reach millions of next-generation internet users and eventually boost conversions.

2. Adapt Your Ads

The marketing experts at Myk Baxter Marketing know all too well that an Ad that works on one platform, will most likely fail on another. Marketing and advertising strategies must be adapted to fit the differences found on each platform. From different image ratios, to video or text heavy ads, to the amount of text inside a photograph – each platform has their own set of rules and their own set of requirements. Simply put, don’t try your Google strategy on Facebook or you’ll face misery. If you don’t know how to approach it, these guys know just what to do.

3. Search Boxes Work Differently

When focusing on search engine optimisation (SEO), we often keep our eyes fixed squarely on Google. And rightly so; Google is the most important search engine out there and deserves utmost respect. However, other platforms such as YouTube and Facebook have their very own search engine optimisation algorithms. Boost your SEO on other platforms by including the correct keyword tagging that is relevant to your content and brand. Other tricks like enabling functionality for YouTube to transcribe the video in video settings also really help.

To find out more about which tricks of the trade to focus on when you begin planning your next marketing strategy – contact Myk Baxter Marketing who make it super easy and simple, saving you the hassle of trial and error.


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