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As digital marketing continues to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing online landscape, one thing can be guaranteed – consumers will always have their eyes on a screen. Thanks to us all being on our phones and computers every day – we can be confident that more eyes will see your ads and promos online than anywhere else. 

For digital marketers, this inevitability allows us to creatively engage through one-to-one interactions with our target audience. As their tastes change and the platforms they use evolve, so must a business. In fact, the most successful companies online are the ones that predict the curve or even draw it for their consumers to follow. Here are five tactics we like to use to improve our strategies and maximise our impact online.

1. Create Long-Term Value

While short-term wins often please CEOs and Executives more than slow and steady campaigns, marketeers should always try to focus on the long-term value of any digital marketing strategy. Pouring too many resources into a short campaign can often backfire. Plan for growth and understand how your processes will result in tangible wins, as long as you’re happy to wait it out. With technology changing faster than we can keep up, there will always be ideas and trends that are ‘the hot new thing’. Marketers should take care to understand where the brand best stands to benefit from these trends before making any decisions that could impact long-term growth or revenue.

2. Convert, not Lead

As we all know, the most significant result of any digital marketing campaign is actual conversions. Whether it’s buying a product or a service, take the time to dig through the data and understand where potential customers are spending most of their time. People on Facebook may share a lot of your posts, but it could be your neglected Snapchat account that makes the most conversions as a percentage of its advertising budget. By targeting specific demographics and audience segments with certain types of content, incentives, or product recommendations, marketers can go further in pushing the customer’s decision toward a purchase.

3. Love Thy Customer

Customers don’t care whether it’s 11pm on a Saturday night or 3pm on a Wednesday – they expect a response to any message on Facebook or email to your info@ account. Although it can be tiring and possibly costly to have someone on-call digitally 24/7, the faster you respond, the faster consumers are to remember your brand and be inclined to make a purchase. After all, digital marketers play a crucial role in establishing a customer-centric reputation for the brand, so it makes sense to follow that up with an answer. Food for thought: 56% of customers are more likely to buy from a brand that recognises them by name.

4. Accept Defeat (And Then Refine)

It can be tough to admit defeat as a digital marketer, especially when there’s a boss breathing down your neck. If a workflow or process just isn’t working, it might be time to go back and re-evaluate where things went wrong. See it as an opportunity to A/B test different campaigns and strategies, it also looks great to the boss. Marketing itself is a constantly changing landscape, and we marketers need to keep our eyes on the metrics and data to stay informed about what’s working and where it needs refining.

5. When All Else Fails, Hire The Big Guns

When all else fails, invest in a professional digital marketing company to do the hard work for you. Digital marketing experts such as Myk Baxter Marketing provide a vast range of tailor-designed marketing strategies to help boost your brand’s image, refine your online presence and, most importantly, improve conversions. Contact MBM today to get a free digital marketing evaluation and find out how you can forget all the complexities and put it in the hands of those who know best.


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