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Want to learn how to effectively write B2C call to actions to drive potential customers to your site? Discover the best practices to action below.

How you deliver your CTA’s (call to action) can make or break an opportunity to pull in traffic, & play an important part in your content strategy. 

As a result, it is a critical component of copywriting & is essential to your B2C (business-to-customer) webpages & marketing assets. But, whilst plenty of resources are available should you wish to learn more about B2C CTAs, some of those delivered by businesses often lack inspiration & intrigue with them resorting to “learn more” & “book a demo” time and time again. 

In this guide, I will teach you how to write a captivating B2C CTA, following the four best practices to utilise in your copywriting & look at four examples from business giants that work to engage users & drive clicks. 

The Best Practices To Follow For Creating Great B2C CTA’s

The generic guidelines below can help you write CTA’s with ease – whether this be when you first open a blank document or when you’re looking for the final element to complete a project or to meet a pressing deadline. 

These four great practices are guaranteed to inspire your copywriting efforts & help you identify how to create one when required. 

Deliver Value To Your Customers

No one likes the feeling of FOMO (the “Fear Of Missing Out”), but you want to encourage this in your customers by creating a sense of urgency with your CTA. You also want to make them feel valued and sure they can trust you. 

Therefore, you need to tailor your CTAs to your audience and first and foremost, focus on promoting your product’s unique value. 

Should you wish to go one step further, utilise your marketing segmentation and personalise CTAs for your buyer persona to ensure your campaign’s values resonate with your target audience. 

Be Conversational But Not Too Much

In a B2C world, letting your brand personality shine is what really matters & resonates well with your audience. For example, if you’re a holiday provider, you may wish to say “find your dream destination in just one click” rather than “click here”. You are being to the point here too, which is also important.

You want to be conversational, brief & demonstrative of your unique value as potential prospects often don’t have long to browse and will turn away if you don’t meet their needs quickly. 

Play on Curiosity By Highlighting The Implication

Any good content writer should be good at highlighting the implications of an issue, but without delivering a solution straight off the bat. 

You want to mention what could go wrong for the user (again, playing on FOMO) but make them aware that they need to click on the CTA to resolve their challenge. 

Think of how we react to “cliffhangers” in movies and literature – you want to incorporate the same technique to increase your CTR (click-through-rate) whilst also fulfilling your promise. 

Carry Out A/B Tests On Your Copy And Design 

Determining which CTAs work best for your audience all comes down to testing. 

Yes, you can always take a guess at what will work best (you know your business best after all) but with A/B tests you’ll truly know what is driving clicks. 

Test your copy, colours, design, and the placement of your CTAs, alongside the surrounding imagery and copy leading up to them. These additional elements will make a huge difference to the UX (user experience). 

But, make sure to test one single element at a time so you can associate which are increasingdecreasing in clicks with a specific change. 

Four Examples of Great B2C CTAs 

Keeping the above factors in mind, let’s take a look at the businesses that are driving traffic to their site through an excellent call to action. 

#1 Find your flavour even faster with Just Eat

We’re all a fan of a cheeky takeaway & there’s just nothing worse than slow delivery service or having to trail through a large directory to find the right one. 

Driving traffic to their mobile app, JustEat with this winning CTA is resolving the customers’ challenges & encouraging them to download their app for an easier user experience.


#2 Get Supercharged For University With Apple

Tech Giant Apple is really letting its brand voice shine with this CTA, but it’s the additional text below that plays an even bigger part in driving site traffic. 

How much are students going to save on their iPad or Mac? & how will they receive a gift card up to £120? Well, they’ll just have to ‘shop now’ to find out. 

#3 These Top Destinations Are Just A Click Away With Trivago 

Trivago wants to play on their users’ FOMO here but makes the promise that they’ll be able to plan & book their next dream break in just one click. Business rival TUI also uses the same technique, whereas other competitors such as EasyJet don’t. 

#4 Buy Now, Pay Later – Bag Your Beauty Essentials with Klarna & Beauty Bay

If there’s one way to pull in customers, it’s by showing that you are a Klarna partner, like Beauty Bay does here.

However, this example it’s a perfect example of an on-brand CTA due – matching the brand’s vibrant & standout marketing guidelines with its copy, colour palette & imagery.

In summary, 

Taking a look at both the guidelines and examples, there are some key takeaways when it comes to actioning the creation of your own business call-to-actions. These are:

Include your unique brand proposition and branding in the CTA copy: Looking at the Apple example (#2) using brand-related keywords in your action will help to draw in users. 

Replace generic CTAs with interesting action verbs: You are playing it safe by using terms such as “learn more” and you’ll turn customers away by not peeking into their interests. By using the phrase “find your flavour faster” JustEat (#1) will reel in attention and gain more clicks to download their app. 

If after reading this article you are looking for support with your website copy, reach out to me as I have resources available to help you succeed. 

justThanks for reading,

Myk Baxter, eCommerce Consultant

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