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As music to any marketer’s ears, a new update means that Google Search Console Insights is now supporting Google Analytics 4 properties. Allowing more access to data – hooray!

As of the 6th of July, Google removed certain limitations which granted compatibility between two of its biggest marketing tools. Combining the two provides business owners & digital marketers with a clear overview of how users discover their content. 

This is a huge move from the tech giant, due to the fact that since its launch in June 2021, Search Console Insights has only ever been compatible with UA (Universal Analytics) properties. & if you’ve only been relying upon GA4 properties, I understand that your insights will have been pretty lack-lustre. 

Gaining Access To Search Console Insights

There are a few ways to access the vital data stored within the Search Console. These include:

  • Clicking the link at the top of the Overview page
  • Within the navigation menu of your Google mobile app
  • By searching Google for a query in which your site is included in the rankings. 

It’s important to note that the above is still accessible without Google Analytics, but linking the two together is highly recommended due to the significant amount of data it’ll provide. 

How to Analyse Your Data in Search Console Insights

GSC was designed by Google to provide users with a snapshot of content performance, but only that of recent weeks. In summary, GA displays data for the last 28 days, & this is sometimes compared to the 28-day period prior. 

In this case, it’s helpful to regularly check your insights as it is frequently updated. But if you have a GA4 property, & after the recent update don’t see any data, firstly do not panic. There will be a clear reason why & this could include:

  • You do not have sufficient permissions on GA.
  • Your GSC property is now associated with a GA property
  • You have the wrong GA view selected in GSC. 

If after reading this blog you’re still having difficulties accessing your data, or linking accounts together reach out to me today as I’m more than happy to assist. 

Thanks for reading, 

Myk Baxter, eCommerce Consultant 


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