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Surprise, surprise, another Core Algorithm Update to Google is here. 

The tech giant announced on the 12th of September that the update had been released and that it could take two weeks to complete. 

Following the announcement, it received a positive response overall from the search community.

What is a Core Algorithm Update?

Google’s Core Algorithm Updates entail changes that are made with a big enough impact to affect those publishers and global search marketers. 

Whilst their algorithm is constantly changing, the core update itself tends to be more noticeable to those whose businesses or agency clients are affected by it.

At the moment there is no confirmation on how this will impact the SERPs (search engine results) across the world and its different languages, but we advise keeping a beady eye on the data centres across the next few days. 

Will The Core Update Amplify The Helpful Content Update?

Well, in a recent response to questions, Google’s Public Search Liaison, Danny Sullivan tweeted that the recent effects of the helpful content update may come more to light during this new update. 

His statement is as follows:

“Maybe the helpful content signal alone wasn’t enough to tip the scales and produce a change in someone’s particular situation, but when we do other updates (core, product reviews), it might add into that and be more significant….”

In this instance, it’s important not to take this general statement too literally, note the word “maybe” in this statement. 

However, that being said, the helpful content update is a major part of the core algorithm and is continuing to run so that a new website which enters the SERPs can feel the benefit of the HCU.

Therefore, unless a specific statement is published by Google, it may be too early to predict that this will be amplified with the September Core Update. 

How Should I React To This Update

At this moment, the best action to take is to just be vigilant of any changes within the search console, but don’t react. The search results will expectedly bounce around over the coming weeks, and it’s best to let them settle before you try to understand them. 

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