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In recent years, improvements in technology & convenience have led to more eCommerce sales through mobile due to more people interacting with & watching more videos online. As a result, shoppable media is essential for those retailers looking to attract a younger audience. 

By connecting browsing to buying, with videos of visual product you’ll encourage users to engage in online shopping with minimal effort. Imagery, videography & online catalogues through social media are increasingly changing the game in terms of content to cart. 

Let’s take a look at some examples of why this method of marketing has become so popular: 

Shorter customer journey – A streamlined path to purchase reduces barriers in the user experience, with customers avoiding having to Google search for a product or browse through page after page on a website to find what they are looking for. 

Better customer experience – By saving the buyer time & simplifying the customer journey, you’ll make it all the more enjoyable.

Tapping into the mobile universe – In recent years, it’s been found that online users are more likely to invest when casually browsing through their general feed than having to click through an ad. 

Easier to measure – By gaining access to insights & metrics you’re able to identify what your customers are engaging with & look to see where your highest ROI is.

What examples of Shoppable Media are there? 

Shoppable content is shifting the digital landscape in a new & exciting direction as it continues to increase customer engagement & faster. It can also be done in many ways, including: 

Generic Text/Photo Content: Perhaps the most simple to execute, this form can be actioned through Instagram Stories with a featured direct link (which is now accessible to all accounts, not just those over 10,000 followers). Or by syncing your online catalogue to Instagram & Facebook and adding a tap-through link to those items within a photo. 

Engaging Blogposts: Great for providing further insight into your offer, blogposts with a strong linking structure can well compliment your online shop. eCommerce giant ASOS actions this through their Style Feed which is jam-packed with fashion & beauty content, as well as interviews with the hottest style influencers. 

Shoppable Video Content: As the most popular form of content right now, by going down the video route you’re allowing potential buyers to see your offering in motion. We’ve got the rise of Instagram Reels & TikTok to thank for this. 

If you’re keen to get the wheels in motion with regards to the above, reach out to me today for assistance on setting up your social media shop & creating captivating content for your business.

Thanks for reading, 

Myk Baxter, eCommerce Consultant 


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