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Dropshipping, or order fulfillment eCommerce, is an online store that doesn’t need any stock to operate and sell to customers. Instead, the eCommerce store sells the products, then passes on the sales to the respective manufacturer, distributor, or supplier who then ships and completes the order.

Although it sounds like a perfect solution to getting rich quick – no upfront stock costs, no need for storage space, no need to deal with shipping – many issues can arise when building a dropship eCommerce site. Building a successful business is not easy, but it becomes a little easier with the eCommerce experts at Myk Baxter Marketing. 

Since you don’t have to manage inventory, it can be easy to think that there’s little effort involved. However, low overheads mean low returns – and problems usually arise when customers are not satisfied with a product, or a displayed product is not available after purchase.

Having to manage each of your suppliers’ stock quantities and reflect these quantities on your website can be a challenge, even with the best automated systems in place. You’re at the mercy of the supplier and the customer, basically trapped in the middle trying to please both parties at once. This can cause a delay in communication as the dropshipper goes back-and-forth between the customer and the supplier. If answers come slowly from you or your suppliers, communication grinds to a halt, and the problems take longer to fix.

It’s also challenging to establish a well-known and trusted brand when people are buying products from other brands and suppliers on your site. Do they remember the brand, or do they remember the product? Dropshipping is highly competitive, but with the right tools, Myk Baxter Marketing know-how to boost SEO and bring your eCommerce store to the forefront of Google searches and Social Media platforms to get the best exposure possible. 

Through MBM’s highly detailed market research, their teams can help position your dropship eCommerce brand in the right market. In addition, MBM professionals can also build strategic shipping systems that communicate with clients and suppliers and maintain the best support with custom-built WordPress eCommerce websites.

Find out how MBM can help develop your new dropship eCommerce website today and get a head-start in the wild and exhilarating world of online etailership. 


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