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With Easter just around the corner, and another year caught up in a lockdown situation, the world of eCommerce is expected to see another seasonal boom due to the massive increase in online sales. 

Pre-covid, the UK eCommerce industry would experience an “Easter Effect” – with sales increasing over 10% in April. With many shops still closed, this percentage is expected to be much higher during these times. 

But even if eCommerce only records similar sales increases year on year, it’s safe to say that Easter presents a major sales opportunity for online businesses. The average European consumer has between four to five days off during Easter, and whether it’s shopping for gifts or making the most of time with a home DIY project or picking up a new hobby – consumers will be looking for solutions online, and eCommerce needs to be prepared for when they do. 

Offer Special Discounts

A rule of thumb for any seasonal increase in sales is to attract paying consumers with attractive discounts for the duration. Well-promoted discounts often give online stores an edge over the competition and see an increase in revenue, despite the initially reduced ROI on the product. 

Create a Sense of Urgency

While Easter shopping may begin a little earlier today as people are growing familiar with delayed shipping due to the coronavirus making it more difficult for postal services to operate at full functionality, it can be good to create a sense of urgency to encourage better sales. 

Clearing out the last of a stock, with a counter listing how many items are left, is a good way to encourage buyers to click the purchase button so they don’t miss out on a hot or desirable item. Daily, or even hourly sales are also great ways of encouraging impulse buys. 

Digital marketing specialists like Myk Baxter Marketing can not only help plan and organise such campaigns, but ensure a website is up to speed and has the right functionality to make this a reality. With Easter just around the corner, there’s no better time to upgrade your website in time for the Easter sales boom. 

Gamify Your Goods

Depending on your brand and its positioning, it could be lucrative to gamify your sales or your goods through fun activities online. Making Easter fun online is crucial for brands looking to attract both new and existing customers during the coronavirus pandemic, so use this opportunity to give visitors a fun game to play while they search your site. Hunt for hidden eggs across the eStore or provide a promotional code hidden somewhere in your Easter-themed artwork. 

Promoting your game and your sales on social media will also drive more traffic to your site and with a prize draw for those who share your post – you can get far better reach than you could paying the same price value for Google ads. A combination of both is not a bad idea either if you have the budget – let Myk Baxter Marketing help with the addons, plugins and details as there’s only a fortnight to go! 

Give Back With CSR

Easter is not just a time of gift buying and holidays. It’s also about giving back to the community or doing something charitable. Even if you’re not a follower of Christinaity, the social element of helping others remains strong in the UK’s psyche. 

Build your brand by giving back to the community or donating to charity. This way, people shopping around online will be more inclined to use your eStore as part of their purchase also goes to helping others.

Donating to a housing or food relief project is a great way of sharing your wealth, and it’s also tax deductible at the end of the year, like many other corporate social responsibility programmes.

In Conclusion…

Easter holiday shopping is a huge opportunity for the eCommerce industry, now more than ever. Boosting sales and increasing profits are guaranteed if you follow the tips and tricks of the trade. 

Before the holiday hits you, get in touch with Myk Baxter Marketing, a specialist in eCommerce web development and digital marketing to help ensure your web design and hosting is up to scratch, your SEO is on-point and your marketing strategies are aligned to the season. 

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