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Finding what content, or what words can best help your online advertising strategy or SEO strategy can be a tough challenge for the uninitiated. 

Whether you’re looking to pay for ads or simply grow your brand organically, the first step (and arguably most essential step) is to conduct a keyword search to help drive your message.

Keywords are not plucked out of the air, but often searching for them starts with something aligned with the message you want to communicate. 

But keywords are not just about your product or service. Moreover, they’re words that people are searching for and typing into search engines. These are the words you should target.

Keyword Planner Basics

The free Google Ads Keyword Planner tool helps to identify keywords that can be incorporated into your content. The trick is, to look for high-volume low competition keywords which guarantee you more views. 

The more popular a keyword, the more likely someone with better SEO will steal your rank. However, the more obscure, the smaller your target audience becomes.

Quite the conundrum.

Luckily, not only does keyword research provide insights into the most popular or best suited search terms for your content, it also gives inspiration by showing both short-tail and long-tail keywords that are related to your original search term.

How to Use Google Ads Keyword Planner

First you must set up a free Google Ads account. If you haven’t already, you’re already missing a beat. (But if you haven’t, the paid search marketing teams at Myk Baxter Marketing can help make it happen for you, so don’t worry!)

Then, on the top bar select Tools and Settings, then click Keyword Planner

Here you can choose to Discover New Keywords or Get Search Volume and Forecasts.

Discover Keywords lets you type in a key term or keyword you think best relates to your content, and it will provide you results of similar terms, each one including information on the average monthly searches, competition and costs for high-ranking bids.

The Search Volume and Forecasts tool allows you to find out how many clicks and impressions to expect on your ads based on each keyword used. This is also great for search engine marketing, of which MBM is a specialist. 

Be sure to select the countries you are marketing to, and the languages you are targeting too. This auto-sets to the default for your region, so be aware if working for a far-away market remotely. 

Once you have the keywords that look the best to you, have the best ratio of searches to low-bid costs and start incorporating these terms into your content, be it ads, blogs, website copy, press releases or product descriptions. 

Want to learn more about how Myk Baxter Marketing works with you to conduct keyword research with Google Ads Keyword Planner and help set up Google Ads accounts for their clients? Get in touch with Myk and the team today:

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