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Retail is currently undergoing a facelift unseen since the industrial revolution. Covid protocols and massively changing consumer habits have catapulted retail, specifically eCommerce, into new marketplaces made up of various demographics and spend behaviour groups.

One major consumer is the Millennial, now the most powerful consumer segment in the eCommerce market today, replacing the previous generation as the top of the socio-economic pile. What’s more, millennial shoppers represent a very different mindset than the older generation.

A Millennial eCommerce Romance

Millennials are tech-savvy and better informed than the last generation, and eCommerce has to catch up fast. eCommerce is now the go-to platform for most retail shopping among Millenials (not just because of COVID-19, but it’s had an effect!). Even traditional brick and mortar shops have to change and invest in technology to help reach the digitised consumer.

Millennials are revolutionising the retail sector as a whole, and their obsession with eCommerce is leading the charge. 

Online retail marketplaces are gaining dominance in the market, and retailers need to restructure their businesses if they want to stay relevant. Utilising the skills and expertise of eCommerce website consultancies like Myk Baxter Marketing in North East UK is one-way retailers can ensure their survival in this era of dramatic change. 

Digital Shopping Habits

In order to maximise sales from a fully online generation, eCommerce website owners or retailers looking to jump online before it’s too late should focus on a few areas that will ensure digital survival. 

For Millennials and the upcoming Gen Z, smartphones are their primary means to connect to the internet. In years gone by, website designers would suggest focusing on desktop functionality, whereas today, smartphones rule the roost. 

The mobile is not just a place to surf websites. It’s a place for socialising, sharing information, staying informed, seeking opinions and double (and triple) checking the quality of products and a melting pot for new ideas and exciting trends. Fighting for attention in a world so dynamic can be a tough nut to crack, but experts like Myk Baxter Marketing can provide the eCommerce insights and tools to make this a reality. 

Millennials also love loyalty programmes, especially when they come from a reliable source. Leading on from the trend of seeking approval and confirmation that what they buy is what they want, once a brand can be trusted, they tend to stay loyal, leaving retailers able to develop meaningful returning customers easier than with previous generations.

And, COVID-19 aside, we all know the trend of “buy online, deliver home” was already growing exponentially. The trope of a Millennials preferring to have things handed to them from a silver platter didn’t come from nothing. In the eCommerce world, they prefer to have their items delivered to them after their doorstep – making eCommerce the best way to approach and make sales from the most prominent online shopper generation ever. 

With so many changes in so little time, it makes sense to not waste time trying to understand the nuances of Millennial shopping habits and trust in a digital marketing agency like Myk Baxter Marketing to guide you to victor without delay. 


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