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We are exposed to social ad campaigns every day as a result of the current digital climate.

Whether you’re scrolling through your Facebook feed or catching up on the latest Instagram stories, businesses are always encouraging us to make an impulse purchase or book a table at the newest restaurant in town – and they usually succeed. 

Used to build brand awareness or increase sales, a great ads campaign can be incredibly advantageous if approached the right way. And, today I’ll be focusing on you can do so.

First up, it’s critical you focus on one goal when producing an effective ad campaign. An ad aiming to sell a product or service will look very different to one intending to attract followers. An ad promoting images of incredible food with an enticing discount code is looking to turnover conversions, whilst one that simply features an influential person promoting the brand as a whole is there to bring in followers.

Once you’ve decided on what you hope to achieve through your campaign, you want to move on to creating the ad creative. In order for it to be successful, you want to create high-quality visual content that sets you apart from the competition. But, take a look at the other ads on social and consider how you may use them as inspiration. In the research stage, ask yourself “do they influence me to invest or engage?”. 

You may wish to A/B test multiple variations of the same ad but make changes to the copy, graphic or the target audience to see which version is more effective for your business. Great ads take time.

When ready to create your ad, you’ll need to use Facebook Ads Manager to set them up. Amongst other great tools, Ads Manager allows you to narrow down your target audience (including demographics such as location, age, and interests),  choose your key ad objective and analyse your ad performance as it runs.

Does all of that sound like a great burden? Well, allow my experts to take care of it. We offer a trusted PPC service that covers everything from start to finish.

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