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WordPress is a useful tool all round. It has countless functions for owners of websites of all shapes and sizes and can be easily manipulated to suit your needs. From eCommerce to service perversion to social network, it has the functionality needed for anything you can dream of. 

But where WordPress differs, you may also find some identical features throughout the sites you visit. One of those is a blog. WordPress has excellent blog writing functionality built into the primary CMS, so it’s as simple as it is worthwhile. 

Blogs have a range of uses, but most people use them to convey messages or build SEO. If it’s a good website, one blog article will do both. Myk Baxter Marketing is a strong advocate for WordPress blogs as they considerably help a website gain views and turn those views into conversion. Besides, regular blogs help to maintain high rankings on Google and other search engines as your website is continually being updated – this shows the algorithms that you’re active, and you’re creating valuable content. Litter these blogs with backlinks and keywords and you’re golden.

Better still, creating a WordPress blog is surprisingly simple, and you can get set up in under 15 minutes. Myk Baxter Marketing recommends starting your own blog using an MBM hosted WordPress website, so that you’re in full control, while also getting the best support and maintenance as and when you require it, no-hassle guaranteed. 

Onsite or as a standalone website, first contact Myk Baxter Marketing for your web hosting needs, pick a hosting and support plan, select a domain name and install WordPress. 

Named ‘posts’ by the default WordPress CMS platform, this is where the blog writing begins. Some like to change the theme of the site or add functionality using plugins, whereas others have this already set up on their parent site. 

Once you navigate to posts, select ‘add new’ at the top of the page, and this will launch the WordPress Editor – a page that lets you write blog posts using an incredibly intuitive system. To add text, you just click and type. For other content – like an image or an embedded YouTube video, you can add new blocks that can host whatever you wish to display.

Once you’re set-up, let the SEO experts at Myk Baxter Marketing help with your metadata and tags to help boost your visibility to search engines and make it easier for users to know what your blog is about and you’re ready to publish.

Now all you need is a creative blog strategy and work out the best way to get more visitors and even make money from your blogs too. Needless to say, the dedicated teams at Myk Baxter Marketing, who service clients worldwide from their offices in Darlington, North East UK, are ready to help all those questions and more. Just email or call now, and you’ll be up and running in no time. 


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