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Redesigning your website can feel like a gamble at times and throwing down a lot of money can be a serious investment for many business owners out there. When the time comes for an update, it can be daunting – will this be a short term investment or one of the best long-term decisions of my business career?

It’s no denying that redesigning and upgrading your website is a massive project, but being well prepared for the next step will see your digital presence only improve. 

Learn From Past Mistakes

If you’re lucky, you’ve never had any serious issues with your current website. (If you have, then why aren’t you already redesigning it!) However, we’ve all made past mistakes when bringing something digital to life. 

You may have used a free template and tried to manage it on your own. You may have paid thousands to a company who outsourced the project and provided no support during or after the development. You may have just outgrown your current site faster than expected. 

At Myk Baxter Marketing, we meet these problems a lot. That’s why we not only help our clients get the website they deserve, but we also help identify the mistakes and offer genuine solutions – even when it’s not in our best interest. At MBM, the client always comes first.

Focus on Mobile

For the older generation out there (myself included, don’t worry!), focusing on how a website looks on a desktop computer may still feel most important. And while still crucial to get right, today’s browsers are almost exclusively on their mobile. 

Just to put this into numbers – over the last five years, mobile revenue has grown by over 200% while revenue from desktop visitors has almost halved. 

The on-the-go lifestyle we’ve adapted means that everyone is using their phone or tablet to browse. People need to buy your products BECAUSE of your website, not despite it. 

At MBM, we prefer to create responsive sites (as opposed to a standalone mobile site) as you only have to manage one code base which makes it easier to operate and survive new handheld hardware options the future may throw at us.

Optimizing a website for mobile is crucial, and although some may argue that responsive sites are slower than mobile-exclusive websites (which can be true), we have some tricks up our sleeve to ensure it’s not.

Improved Design = New Branding

With a website redesign, you can take the opportunity to partner it with an update to your branding as well as the design. Our professional design teams can help tailor a custom made WordPress web design to suit your needs and expectations – exceeding them wherever possible.

Antiquated websites often come with antiquated user experiences. If you operate an ecommerce website, then how users browse categories, search for products, proceed with payment and manage their accounts are all key to ensuring the most optimum rate of conversion. 

Whatever your needs, Myk Baxter Marketing can work with you to help prepare you and your business for a new website design. From high-budget full overhauls to cheap and cheerful optimization options – we provide services for clients of all shapes and sizes. 

What’s more, you can contact us today to get a free quotation and advice on what our web design experts think can improve your site and get your business earning even more. 

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