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To conclude the series, we’re looking at the behemoth of social media – the original MVP and, although aging rapidly, has a vast range of functions for brands looking to grow. You can check out our first two, if you haven’t already, by clicking here:

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Facebook is, as expected, one of the first platforms we find most brands kickstart their brand on. And rightly so, as Facebook is still the most popular social network on the planet and home to many people, young and old.

Growing a business on Facebook is not new. It’s as old as time, or Facebook time at least. With everyone playing at tricking the algorithms and trying to get the most eyes for as little money, the old techniques don’t always work in today’s climate.

To navigate the mountain of information on Facebook, here’s some of the first tips we share with clients to get their brand growing thanks to our clever and calculated social media marketing consultancy. 

Post with Intent

Whether you’re a small business starting out or a large brand undergoing a re-brand, you need to be mindful about what you post. Content needs to show a clear intent – convert, advertise, solicit, inform, entertain, announce. Whatever it is, you need to be clear in the message and then decide what you are going to do with the post that you have (hopefully) carefully crafted.

Myk Baxter Marketing’s creative approach to Facebook marketing that uses both Facebook insights, as well as customer and industry understanding, is a great way to ensure your posts are targeted effectively. 

Use Split Testing in Facebook Ads

To get target markets engaging with your business on Facebook, advertising through the Facebook business function is ideal. In our experience, Facebook offers the highest return on ad spend compared to other social media platforms. 

With Facebook’s in-depth data collection, you can target hyper-specific markets and then pitch two ads to see which works best. Split test your messaging to find what resonates. Once you get the winning formula, do more of that.

Share Quality Content

A big mistake that brands can make is to only talk about themselves and post nothing ‘new’ for your followers to be interested in. 

Of course posts on discounts, sales, promotions, new products and product features are great, and necessary, but if you’re not sharing anything that engages people on a ‘regular day’ then you’re missing a trick.

By sharing quality content from other sources and offering commentary on relevant topics, you’re not just a brand, but a trustworthy source for a community of avid followers. If you are consistently engaging with your brand, your business will remain at the top of their mind.

What’s great about social media is that you can tell very quickly after making a social post if it is something people are interested in or not just by the engagement, shares, likes or comments.

Using this almost instant feedback, you can tailor your content and add to your audience’s experience. This will guarantee growth. 


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