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Inbound and outbound SEO Marketing are now two very common strategies in the digital era. But there are several main differences between inbound and outbound marketing. 

Inbound marketing centers on creating and distributing content that draws people in through various marketing campaigns, social media, opt-in emails and much more.

Outbound marketing on the other hand, involves proactively reaching out to consumers to get them interested in a product, like Google ads, POSM and banner ads.

Typically, outbound marketing is more aggressive, with a clear, wide-sweeping approach that aims to create conversions. Inbound marketing is usually more subtle and focuses on convincing a particular group of individuals to make a purchase over time. 

Inbound Digital Marketing

Although inbound digital marketing can start from anywhere, at MBM, we look to embed product comparisons, amazing testimonials, competitive pricing, and outstanding reviews into your website or on your social media to help convince and convert new and returning customers.

There are several benefits to inbound marketing, including:

  • Non-invasive approach: Leaving it to the visitor to be ‘sold’ to
  • Educational: Most inbound marketing campaigns focus on educating as well as selling
  • Quantifiable: You can compare metrics, track links and offer ‘read this get X off your order’ promos that help identify what’s working and what’s not

Inbound marketing also works in the long-term, with each update offering something new or by simply providing every new visitor with a journey that is new to them.

Outbound Digital Marketing

Outbound marketing is more about shouting at a loud crowd and hoping someone hears. 

Outbound marketing is often associated with traditional marketing, like direct mail, events, billboards, cold calling, newspapers, and radio. However, outbound marketing can also be applied to more modern technology, like pay-per-click advertising and spam emails. Even conversion rate optimization can help with the process.

Clearly, not all outbound marketing is good – a lot of it can turn away potential customers instead of attracting them, but it is extremely beneficial for new businesses looking to gain brand recognition.

Like the old saying goes, any news is good news.

Benefits of outbound marketing include:

  • Creates awareness: Helping your brand reach new people and new clients
  • Offer immediate results: People interact with outbound marketing faster, meaning less waiting around
  • Commonplace: Despite some complaints of it being intrusive, outbound marketing is so normal these days that most don’t mind it as much anymore

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