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For the last three months, the UK’s non-essential retail sector has remained temporarily closed – with many businesses becoming reliant upon digital marketing practices in order to stay afloat. 

Now, as lockdowns are lifted again, hopefully for the last time, business owners are now presented with the opportunity to resume their face-to-face services and attract real-life customers once again, both online and in-store. 

In light of this, we want to share some advice on how to leverage your business post-lockdown whilst still utilising the invaluable tools that digital marketing provides. 

As a population of consumers, we’re most likely to be attracted to those stores offering in-store incentives. These could be in-store discounts (10% off, 25% off), a free gift with purchase on selected items, or an in-store event (whilst ensuring that COVID-19 measures are in place). 

Should you opt to put these incentives into action, Myk Baxter Marketing advises that, given our reliance on digital marketing, businesses should still turn to social media and online platforms to promote such incentives. Using digital marketing to ensure that you reach as many new customers as possible is a no-brainer, especially now with everyone so used to looking online for good deals first.

One of the best digital marketing practices we see improving conversions in-store is the humble email marketing campaign. Often overlooked, this powerful form of digital marketing can have a staggering impact on your customers and can allow you to reach your target audience in an instant. Simply throw together a promotional email in relevance to your incentive and you’re away!

Email marketing incentives help your audience not only have instant access to your best deals, but also instill a sense of exclusivity – this email is for them, and the deals are tailored to their needs…or so they may think. 

With Myk Baxter Marketing, we can help produce such email campaigns that are the same across the board or, in fact, tailored to your customer’s preferences if the data is available. 

Needless to say, email marketing includes a lot of hard work, preparation, and time. To save yourself the hassle and to give yourself time to focus on what you can and cannot do during this lockdown lifting time, we would advise seeking the assistance of a reputable marketing consultancy in the UK, such as the team at Myk Baxter Marketing

Based in the heart of Darlington, County Durham, Myk Baxter and his team of industry professionals have unparalleled experience and expertise in email marketing and have an excellent track record of clients whose businesses have thrived due to their exceptional services. 

Alongside email marketing, the consultancy also offers a results-driven paid social media marketing service and can also assist you with localised SEO, which when paired together, creates a perfect 360° targeted marketing campaign. 

For more information about their services, or to book your complimentary consultation, visit their website today. 


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