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As a business, we understand how stressful & disheartening it can be when faced with a negative review or when you find yourself in heated situations with a client – sometimes you feel like you’ll never come back from it. 

But today, we at Myk Baxter Marketing pen a letter to our fellow marketing agencies to reassure you that those negative experiences over time fade into a distant memory and more good opportunities can come from them. 

Firstly, we understand that like us you’ll always want to provide your customers with only the best experience & support. However, we’ve learnt over the years, not to over provide as some can use this to their advantage & as soon as you say no to a request, things can turn ugly. 

Disruption & upset can also be presented in times when a slight oversight may have been made (sometimes from both sides) to which all of your going above & beyond is often overlooked & thrown aside through a single email. 

What comes next is a combination of harsh emails & phone calls, a few tears & OF COURSE one hell of a headache. But you must not be overcome by any upset or anger you may feel – stay level headed, diplomatic & professional.

When responding to these cold-hearted communications, ensure you have all of the facts in place (the how’s, when’s & why’s) alongside your onboarding documentation & business policies, including your; terms & conditions, refund policy & guidelines. With this, 9 times out 10 you’ll be able to win the battle & either rebuild your professional relationship or severe ties. It’s often the latter. 

However, in those times when things are continuing to fall into a downward spiral, some individuals may take their experiences & thoughts out of the shadows & into the public eye via Trustpilot & Google My Business. 

We received our first EVER negative review in the early part of 2021 & to say it was gutwrenching for our team would be an understatement but we can’t say that it wasn’t expected. 

Should you find yourself in the same hot water, we’d advise that you handle it in the same way that we did. We simply just constructed a great response to their complaint, which both defended our great team & services & put their inaccuracies to rest. 

Thankfully, we have not heard from the client since & they are long since forgotten. But we as an agency saw this as a learning opportunity with it making us stronger when it comes to dealing with difficult clients & our business documentation has since been refreshed based on these experiences. 

Alongside this, we have too created a complaints policy & procedure so if we should face a similar experience again, we’re able to go about our day to day duties while it gets dealt with through the correct channels. 

Overall, we’re continuing to go from strength to strength as an agency, with our great team sharing a closer bond than ever before & our services being sought by some of the UK’s leading companies – all of whom have left glistening reviews.

Que Sera, Sera after all!


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