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After COVID-19 prized us apart from our loved ones, we all began to rely on the digital world to keep us in contact. Before we knew it the Metaverse stepped into the public domain, opening a portal to a new world of content, digital media, communication, marketing and virtual lifestyles. And with zoom calls and virtual business operations still a permanent feature within our daily lives, the metaverse is simply the next step of our evolution into the world of online.

What is the Metaverse? 

In summary, the Metaverse is digital space. Independent of one another (for now), it materialises like games such as immersive VR experiences, and virtual shopping malls. But novelty aside, it provides us with the opportunity to do things we’re unable to do in the physical world when physical contact is cut off. 

It’s a hybrid of today’s digital social experiences, with this sometimes being shifted into 3D or projected into the real world – and perfectly stitched together so you can travel back and forth. 

Although it currently exists in a limited capacity, the elements of the universe you’ll be aware of include the mobile internet, gaming, augmented reality & virtual reality. Meta (formally named, and still better known as Facebook) have taken these foundations to the next level by also introducing live shopping & business messaging. It’s even part of their name now, that’s how invested they really are. 

The metaverse is becoming an important asset to any business, these new technologies allow you to put your customers first & are available at their fingertips, no matter the time of day. And so, as the next evolution within social technology and mobile internet following be able to write, talk & see each other, the Metaverse is now taking us to the next level by making us feel connected & as if we’re in the same room. 

What does this mean for businesses?

If you’re going to stay one step ahead of your competitors, as a business owner it’s important that you embrace the technology available to you and that you cement yourself online.

From a technology perspective, Facebook/Meta are the current pioneers in this new digital space. But Microsoft could soon follow suit, by closing their retail location they’ve made a huge shift in building their online presence and even plan to build an “enterprise metaverse”.  Disappointedly, it’s predicted that their competitors & fellow tech giants Apple & Google won’t be making the same choice any time soon. 

How can you sell in Virtual Reality?

Following this drastic change in the business landscape, forming an online presence is now more important than ever. With the opportunity to increase user engagement, experience & recall, every business should be launching into the Metaverse. 

The most popular example of virtual selling is the creation & sole usage of virtual customer service avatars in comparison to the traditional methods of telephone, email & live chat. 

The retail sector has already made a stamp on the metaverse, with brands now allowing users to try on new clothes & beauty products without having to leave the comfort of their home. 

Cosmetics giant MAC Cosmetics virtual try on tool currently features over 1000+ eye, lips & face products which can be tried on by users & later purchased at the checkout. The world of online shipping is truly changing. 

In general, the Metaverse grants consumers the ability to engage with companies and shop their products in an immersive & interactive way. 


Thanks for reading. Maybe next time I talk to you about the metaverse, we can both be in it together.


Myk Baxter, eCommerce Consultant 

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