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At Myk Baxter Marketing we pride ourselves on delivering great service to all of our clients, with most of our account management being fronted by Hannah Stocker, who this month celebrates two years of working as part of our team. 

Today she takes the reigns on this blogpost, sharing her tips with her fellow account managers on how to effectively manage your client pool based on her own experiences. 

Take it away Hannah… 

Communication is Key

Not a day goes by that I’m not in touch with the rest of the team or one of our great clients & this all serves as a part of delivering fantastic communication at all times. 

If someone passes feedback through to me for the developer, I’ll always ensure this is passed on sooner rather than later to ensure no break in the development time. Whilst if someone has a general technical inquiry for our development or marketing team, it’s important that I relay their guidance back in a clear & easy-to-understand way. 

Finally, whilst it’s vital that communication is kept on top off, I’d advise that you never rush to respond to an email or make a telephone call unless you have all of the facts & answers to your client’s questions. 

Don’t Let Your Emotions Overwhelm You 

During the early part of my role as Account Manager, I would often allow the negativity fed to me by clients to affect my mood outside of work. This would lead to tears, anxiety & self-doubt as it felt almost as if it were a personal attack on me. 

But since then I have used these experiences & learning curves & learnt to remain level-headed & diplomatic in these situations thanks to the support of the rest of the MBM team & growth in my own self-confidence. 

My words to you if you’re going through this experience is that it’ll all be okay 🙂 

Google Is My Best Friend

Yes, we all love the good old Google search engine, but its additional software such as Gmail, Google Calendar & Docs all make my day to day jobs so much easier. 

Through connecting my emails & calendar I’m able to swiftly arrange meetings with my contact list & through syncing my virtual diary with the rest of the team I’m able to easily inform them of off-out-office dates & other important events.

Alongside my main role, I’m also one of MBM’s many content writers & therefore I’m constantly sharing documents with my clients for feedback & information. Thankfully, Google Docs & Sheets makes this process easier & I’m also able to see live-action updates & requests within one simple to manage program. A win-win for both parties!

Great Time-Management is Vital 

For as long as I can remember I’ve always been an organised individual, both in my personal and professional life & have learnt over the years that time management is key. 

If you’re looking to activate this skill, I’d advise making yourself set to-do lists for each working day & base any ADHOC work, meetings or calls around this – leaving yourself enough time to carry out each task to the best of your ability. 

I’ve also learnt to keep your communications outside of emails to a set time limit and to create a structure for these to ensure a steady flow & ensure all points are covered efficiently.

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