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Website development is a process that must be approached diligently, and with patience and support from both the client and the developer in the hot seat in order to make it successful. 

As a leading web design agency, Myk Baxter Marketing has learnt many lessons over the last ten years through experiences and adapting our processes to ensure our client’s expectations are met and that we fulfil their needs. 

In today’s blog post, we’ll be putting our top tips to those seeking a web development service and how they can also help to make the process simple. 

Don’t overcomplicate the website in the early stages…

When it comes to development, we advise you start off small with your main pages and then work to expand this once your main layouts have been set in stone – with the fun creative elements and functions coming into play at a later stage. 

Don’t turn away advice provided…

Besides developing your website, the experts working on the project will have unparalleled knowledge and experience therefore it’s important to take on board and think about the advice provided to you as after all they know the best ways to market your brand. 

Do be prepared… 

The first key point of early web development is to ensure you have everything you need in order to build the initial website design, including; a strong file of high-resolution imagery, a clear outline of all the content to be featured as well as a list of websites you wish to draw inspiration from. We also recommend pulling together a list of the key features that you wish to showcase on the site. 

Do set out a clear timeline…

This applies to both parties, but in order to deliver a swift process it’s highly important to set key dates for completion in order to fulfil on time but it’s also important to remember that delays can often arise, with there being many reasons for this. 

Do find the right developer for you… 

When seeking out an expert web developer it’s important that you find one that is as passionate about your business as you are and is willing to take a great time to understand your ambitions and goals. After all, you are working together as a team to achieve one call and there should be no feeling of distance between both parties – which we at Myk Baxter Marketing strive to combat through our services.

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