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We’re seeing a continuous change in how customers shop online, but one thing that remains a priority is providing fantastic customer service. 

In today’s climate, customers want their messages, concerns, and questions answered as soon as they arrive in your inbox (something I know is sometimes hard to keep up with). This is why real-time messaging platforms are seeing more popularity and are become advantageous tools for businesses. 

Once just used for connecting with family and friends, platforms such as Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp grant you the ability to respond to your customers quickly. But, in the coming months, they are set to transform into data hubs that you can use for digital marketing initiatives. 

Think about it. Your customers provide you with their name, address and contact details – key information that can be used to automatically populate forms and website landing pages when potential and current customers engage with your brand.

This will make email and paid advertising campaigns much easier to manage and help you build stronger relationships with your customers. 

Moving into this shift also allows you to engage in the practice of using the new OpenAI Chat-GPT4 model to produce well-thought-out and personalised customer responses in a quick time. Likewise, you can also use the new model to produce strong, engaging content for your digital marketing campaigns.

Besides the great information they can provide you with, these platforms are free, easily accessible and can store your data for long periods of time – allowing you to keep them on file for years to come.

It’s not expected that this change will happen overnight, and I’m sure in the coming months we’ll be further notified on how businesses can make better use of real-time messaging features and transform them into valuable data resources. 

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Myk Baxter, eCommerce Consultant


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