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Social media is by far the most influential and important virtual space to date. Not only is it used for personal social networking (as the name suggests) but it is also the number one platform for brands to engage in digital advertising and getting people to know your products and services.

Within seconds of posting an ad, you can reach millions of people, many of whom may have never seen your brand before but who have their interest peaked by a clever marketing campaign or some eye-catching artwork. 

With the majority of the world hooked in and online, marketers must not miss out on these almost unlimited-access digital spaces. Through clever marketing techniques, it is easy to reach an incredible number of potential buyers online, when compared to more traditional marketing formats such as television or print media marketing.

eCommerce Benefits From Social Media The Most

Of all the digital marketing campaigns out there, strategies that promote a product or an eCommerce store often see the most conversions. This is partly due to the fact that eCommerce sites often transfer instantaneous purchasing power to the user with a simple click and go technique. Partner that with a clever call to action that you can share across social media, and there’s a winning formula just waiting to be discovered. 

For most people who are active online, social media is where they source their news, updates about friends and families, follow their favourite brands and discover new things. In fact, less and less people are relying on traditional websites and search engines to find things they want, instead turning to social media. 

With a strong social media presence, brands can easily tap a large market of potential customers. Add a healthy pile of positive reviews and your brand becomes relatable and trustworthy. 

Another benefit of social media marketing is that you can better attract the right target audience, and the right customer base. Unlike Google’s rather limited targeting options, Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms offer much more in-depth target audience filtering thanks to the wealth of information they have on each user. 

Looking for women who live in Southern Portugal and who enjoy drinking red wine between the ages of 25 and 45 – just tick the boxes and your audience is set. This simple mechanism employed by social media websites really works, therefore giving you a chance to make the most out of your social media marketing strategies and advertising investments. 

As social media evolves, so do the way they operate around marketing and advertising. Keeping on top of this can be a challenge, which is why many businesses in North East UK look towards a digital marketing or social media marketing specialist like Myk Baxter Marketing. Based in Darlington, North East UK, they have a dedicated team of British marketeers who are able to handle your social media marketing strategies for you, allowing you the time to focus on more important things like developing products or enjoy red wine in Southern Portugal. 

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