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Initially launched in 2016 by developers ByteDance, TikTok in the last year or two has revolutionized how generations (both young and old) share their creativity, whether it be through the latest dance craze or a mind-blowing makeup tutorial.

With over one billion monthly active users, the majority of this statistic mostly use the app to grow their own personal platform, however, it is also significantly advantageous for brands and businesses alike who want to showcase their products or services in a way that is both creative and engaging. 

For some, creating a video may seem like a tedious task. Thankfully TikTok comes with an inbuilt video creator/editor that includes a library of royalty-free music, text buttons and a whole variety of filters and effects – allowing you to create professional content in minutes. 

Another significant factor as to why the app is so popular is that its users can tailor their feeds to suit their interests based upon the content that they ‘heart’. For example, if a user has a keen interest in fashion and spends a significant amount of time watching content based upon this, Tik-Tok will continue to push this to them.

So what does this mean for businesses? Well, promoting your content, services or products on the platform means those who like what you sell will see more of you than others. Basically, a free targeting service built right into the app, allowing you to gain more interaction from key audiences without even trying!

In light of this, the app has allowed brands to grow a significant following on the platform, without the need for hashtags or set upload times, in comparison to Instagram, who are rumoured to have drawn inspiration from TikTok for their own reels feature – sus much?!

How Can We At MBM Help You With The Growth Of Your Brand?

With the belief that consistency is key, we at Myk Baxter Marketing can help to support your TikTok campaign, by keeping your additional channels up to date, including your website. 

As a leading web development agency, our WordPress development service ensures that all of these areas are met, with our industry experts working to build a site that is bespoke to your brand, tailoring each feature to meet your wants and needs. 

To learn more about this service, contact us today to book an appointment with our lead consultant, Myk Baxter.

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