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Many businesses, big and small, fall into the trap of choosing bad web hosts in order to save costs or simply because of lack of understanding. For many, a host is a host whichever way you look at it – looking at each of the thousands of providers to choose from and thinking the results are always the same. For others, it’s simply a cost issue, which makes sense…to a point.

But when you look at the amount of lost revenue, lost customers and lost marketing ability when your website is down or it’s running slowly due to a hosting issue – then the cost of a good host is maybe worth the investment. 

The professional web design agency teams at Myk Baxter Marketing understand the importance of a good host, and why it means so much to the success of a business online today. So much so, that they only provide the best dedicated hosting services in North East UK to ensure unrivalled responsiveness and round-the-clock support in the rare case something does pause momentarily. 

For businesses located in North East UK, using the skills of a locally based digital marketing agency like Myk Baxter Marketing ensures you have a team of professionals working for you, in your timezone and who speak your language. 

MBM offers in-house hosting that is fast, reliable and cost-effective. Site speed is now a major ranking factor for Google and other search engines so it is imperative your site is on fast hosting. As a dedicated website hosting specialist company, they use dedicated servers with SSD storage to deliver ultimate speed and performance. 

By using MBM to help not only develop your website, but also provide great web hosting, you can minimise the risk of experiencing technical issues that cause your site to go offline or cause it to load slowly at times of high traffic. 

MBM also provide the following services that are boosted by great website hosting packages:

Search Ranking Protection: The main purpose of SEO (search engine optimisation) is to ensure your site ranks highly on search engines like Google. If your website suffers regular downtime or has frequent technical issues (caused by a bad host) Google’s spiders won’t be able to access and crawl your site. The result, you’ll disappear quickly from the first page and then struggle to get back again.

World-Class Protection and Security: There is no magic way of protecting your site from viruses, hackers or malware attacks for all eternity. However, by choosing a reliable hosting company, you can go a long way to protecting yourself as best as possible. Hosting not only keeps your site running online, but it also provides you technical support to help you solve any issues in the rare case you do get hacked. 

Frequent Back-Ups: Most importantly, a good host will always back up your site on a regular frequency. This is done for a number of reasons, such as protection from when you get hacked or just as a backup if you accidentally do something on the back-end that breaks a feature or plugin (it happens to the best of us!). 

Fast Servers: The physical location of a server can have some effect on the speeds and loading times of web pages, but it depends a lot on the power of the server you choose too. At Myk Baxter Marketing, they utilise the high-level servers of Cloudways and Digital Ocean to help host their clients across the world – each one utilised to create a dedicated WordPress or Magento hosting platform tailored to their clients needs.

All of Myk Baxter Marketing’s hosting packages also include unlimited visitor numbers (within reasonable limits, DDoS attacks aside!), between 500 and 5000+ MB of storage, regular backups and free SSL certificates for all. 

Contact Myk Baxter Marketing today to discuss the development of your website and an upgrade to your hosting potential. Choose from set plans, have a tailored hosting package incorporated into your development costs or play around with your own preferences to create a hosting package that aligns with your needs. 


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