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Just like the brick and mortar stores of the high street, the more eyes on your products and the more interest your promotions can create, the more sales and conversions you can make. 

Every eCommerce store owner wants to bring traffic to their store, but what’s more important is the quality of the traffic, not the quantity. 

Traffic quality is a simple way to explain the type of customers you are attracting. If you sell women’s beauty products, chances are you want your traffic to be a specific target audience – Identify as female, aged from 15 to 60, within the delivery area. Depending on how you manage and target your audience, the demographics could be skewed, leaving you with a lot of views and very few conversions.

Quality over Quantity

One of the biggest reasons why having a large number of irrelevant visitors to your eCommerce site is a bad thing comes down to economics. Would you rather have thousands of visitors making little conversions through high cost-per-click advertising? Or would you rather have fewer visitors that actually buy a product or return in the future. 

Ideally, any switched-on eCommerce store owner will look towards developing high conversions over high traffic. In addition to the increased sales revenue and decreased PPC advertising costs, it also decreases your bounce rate – the number of people that visit and leave immediately. 

How to Attract The Quality? 

First things first, digital marketing specialists like Myk Baxter Marketing suggest performing a detailed customer analysis of the target audience to help determine the best demographic and potential customer market. This analysis also helps determine their most common behaviours, which you can then adapt to through things like digital marketing and PPC advertising

By knowing your detailed customer profile, you can work out exactly where your potential customer is and the most effective methods to use in order to bring them to your store. It helps work out keywords for digital advertising and SEO, so that the correct types of searchers present your eCommerce site.

However, the trick is to employ more long-tail keywords over broad keywords. Broader keywords bring more clicks across a wider search spectrum, whereas long-tail keywords are more specific, giving you reduced exposure, but exposure to a higher quality web-user. If done correctly, this can lead to higher conversions and lower costs – a win-win scenario!

Another trick is to utilise the keywords your competitors are using to get an advantage – after all, the online world of eCommerce is fickle and by proving your relevance to your customer you can boost sales and develop a well-known brand identity.

Find out how you can utilise these skills, optimise your campaigns and develop a professional digital marketing strategy by contacting the experts at Myk Baxter Marketing.

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