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There’s a lot of ways to make a website out there, but WordPress is the king of the hill. Originally launched in 2003, it quickly became the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world – the total number of active WordPress websites this year is around 455 million. 

Companies like Myk Baxter Marketing chose to offer WordPress to their clients because it’s one of the most powerful tools on the web, and the fact that they’re really easy to use is a huge bonus. Sure, MBM is flexible enough to tackle a job with any CMS, but why do they prefer WordPress? 

Simply Powerful

Unlike almost any other CMS, WordPress is ready to use, right out of the box. For designers, that means just plugging in and customizing until something unique falls into place. For the backend user, it’s simple to use so there is little training necessary. When being built, there’s no need to configure long lists of add-ons and codes – as most features that we use every day are already considered core elements, such as comments, RSS feeds, etc.

With great power comes great flexibility. Companies like MBM relish in WordPress environments thanks to its versatility. There’s nothing that WordPress can’t handle. From personal blogs to eCommerce sites and even Social Media platforms, it’s extensive features and extensions means there’s a plug-in and add-on for everyone. 

Being so customizable means that just with one click, you can change the appearance, hide or show a page or a link and cut and copy infinite features in the blink of an eye. 

Falling in love yet?

Safety First

Because WordPress is such a popular CMS, there’s no surprise that it’s both constantly updated…and constantly hacked. WordPress however, takes security very seriously. Although the basic security measures (strong passwords, regular updates, etc.) are still required of the backend user, WordPress also features an automatic update feature that really helps. 

In relation to safety, it’s so popular it needs a team of thousands working around the clock to provide support for website designers and their clients alike. Its support is truly unprecedented, and the extended WordPress community of tech gurus and brain-boxed designers means that if something’s happened to you, it’s happened to someone else and they’ve already fixed it. 

Just check out their support page and extensive forums to get a taste of what level of support they provide. In fact, there’s so much support, it means any good WordPress site owner has no excuse for malfunction. 

Saves Money / Makes Money

That’s right, using WordPress saves you money. It saves on design, it saves on support, it saves on training. It’s also free! Open source and user-friendly, WordPress means you really can maintain your site single-handedly, or keep the fees down if outsourcing.

It also makes you money too. Businesses that utilise eCommerce fare far better when using a WordPress platform. From tiny start-ups to online shopping behemoths, there’s an eCommerce solution around every corner. 

As every year passes by, WordPress keeps getting better, and with no significant contender on the line, it makes sense to make the switch if you haven’t already. Contact Myk Baxter Marketing for advice or a quote on making that migration and find out how powerful your website can really be.


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