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Whether you’re entirely e-commerce or you share your customers with a brick and mortar shop, your website is the hub of your digital presence. From fancy graphics and clever transitions between pages, to informative content and a simple user interface – there are many important factors to making a website work for your target audience and make them want to come back. 

However, the trouble with many websites stems down to how web design is viewed. When promoting a product or a service, we usually develop the marketing, promote it and share a stunning set of web pages that showcase it. 

Once the designs are complete, all’s left is some fancy words, eye-catching copy lines and some SEO to keep it on the first page of Google. But while all this is useful, and done every day by big and small businesses alike, what most people miss is the real purpose of their site and the great opportunity that is staring them in the face. 

Tailor Your Digital Hub

As the digital hub of your business, your website needs to do more than look fancy. It must attract customers, build trust, share information, offer experiences, convert new buyers and nurture brand loyalty. 

Building a site, therefore, is more about tailoring it to a narrowly defined ideal customer, drawing them in with stories and understanding, rather than creating a glorified billboard advert that is targeting everyone and nobody at the same time. 

At Myk Baxter Marketing, it is understood that websites don’t create demand – they organise behaviour and hold the cards for what the customer is looking for. Today, consumers are increasingly reading more and researching more than ever before. Each word affects their convertibility. Every review a confirmation of their intent. 

Stories on a website, whether it’s on the homepage copy or surrounding a product or service breathes life into what you are trying to sell more than fancy pictures or clever colours.

Storytelling grabs attention, builds trust, materialises imagination and builds brand recognition and loyalty. In addition, good storytellers are able to work in SEO terms without ruining the flow of the copy, which is usually more distracting than useful. Bad SEO-heavy copy is one of the main reasons bounce rates increase. 

Tell a Real Story 

In the end, your website is a container of content, and it’s that valuable information that drives the online shopping machine. You can no longer afford to have your website as a design-only adventure. You need storytellers to tell your story, sell your product, explain your service is perfect clarity and aligned with your brand identity. 

Of course, don’t make content for content’s sake – but design it with intent. If you’re struggling, engage a marking professional like Myk Baxter Marketing to turn your marketing strategy into something with genuine content that is both interesting to read and useful for the consumer.

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