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A new change in content creation is coming with the introduction of Chat-GPT4 – Open Ai’s most advanced system yet. 

This new system is set to solve all manner of difficult problems through great accuracy, broader general knowledge and problem-solving abilities. This chatbot is more collaborative and creative than any seen before, assisting business professionals with the most creative and technical writing tasks. Some examples of this include; blog writing, terms and conditions and key elements of a better buying experience. 

What Is Behind Chat-GPT4?

Following in the footsteps of GPT, GPT-2 AND GPT-3, OpenAI has powered more data and more computational thinking to create a content-creation interface suited to real-life scenarios and deliverables. 

Human feedback has been incorporated into GPT4 to improve its behaviour, AI safety and security. Continuous real-world use has allowed OpenAI the opportunity to adapt the chatbot at a regular cadence as more people utilise it. 

Exceptional safety work is also displayed within GPT-4’s advanced instruction-following capabilities, with the model being fine-tuned according to training, evaluations and monitoring. 

What Makes GPT-4 so effective?

It can take many human hours, or even days to put together the perfect piece of text. But ChatGPT-4 can deliver this for you in just a few seconds, with the level of knowledge and information deliver being unmatched. 

Moving on, the model is consistent in its delivery of writing style, tone and voice. Meaning all of the content generated for you will have a similar feel, making it easier for readers to understand and engage with. 

GPT-4 also has access to a large amount of knowledge and information. It’s been designed to read large volumes of text from the internet, granting an unmatched range of knowledge of many & most topics. 

The chatbot is also an impartial and objective writing source. It’s without personal biases and opinions which means the content produced is unlikely to be influenced by prejudices and personal beliefs. Whilst, still having the familiar tone your readers are used to.

On the line of the tone, it can adapt to different voices and styles; from formal to informal, to technical or conversational, it’s here to meet the exact needs of the users.

Some other key takeaways include:

Smooth Conversations: CHATGPT-4 now allows more natural and coherent interactions for B2C.

Language Expansion: More languages are supported in the new chatbot, making it more accessible for people across the globe.

Industry Focus: Providing tailored content solutions for complex sectors like healthcare, finance and law. 

Enhanced Security: Security and privacy are deeply embedded to protect your company data and provide you with peace of mind when creating content.

A Human-AI Synergy – The chatbot fuses together humans and AI to make writing and editing a quick yet effective task.

Swift API Integration: Application developers can now easily integrate ChatGPT-4.

Ongoing Updates: OpenAI has acknowledged that they are committed to addressing biases, enhancing performance and creating a seamless user experience. Big things are to be expected

What Can I Create Using ChatGPT-4? 

If it’s content lead, the chatbot can help you create it, it’s as simple as that. Some examples include:

  • Blog Writing: It can produce an article at great speed, and one that is specifically suited to your target audience. It’ll even highlight the needs of your audience and how your offering can meet them.
  • Email Marketing: It can create more than just newsletters, but order confirmations, status updates and retargeting emails too – granting a brilliant user experience.
  • Customer Service: Provide your customers with professional, well-thought-out responses to their queries and woes. Similarly, this can be used to handle customer complaints.
  • Social Advertising: Captivate and engage your audience with social media content. You can specify what platform it’s for, your target market and your product.

What Does This Mean For Those Working In The Industry?

If you are a marketer yourself or lead a marketing team do not worry about your roles! The new model will actually unlock great opportunities for you. 

You’ll finally have the spare time to create the content you’ve always wanted (such as engaging videos). GPT-4 can turn your content into video scripts based on the tone you know will attract your target audience, and the offering you want to showcase and finish it all with a great CTA (call to action).

What Limitations Are In Place? 

OpenAI hasn’t shied away from the fact GPT-4 still has limitations that they are working to address, including social biases, hallucinations, and adversarial prompts. They are facilitating and showing transparency, user education, and wider AI literacy as users adapt to the new model. They also aim to shape the model depending on the input shared by people. 

Where Is It Available?

GPT-4 is now available on ChatGPT plus and also as an API for developers to build applications and services. Microsoft Bing is one of the first platforms to embed this revolutionary update.

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