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The last twelve months has been a blur of turbulent events that none of us saw coming. As the majority of the population in the UK were encouraged to work from home, for some an opportunity to evolve their hobbies and passions into business enterprises presented itself. 

However, for anyone launching a new business a lot of preparation and research is required, and with digital marketing trends continuing to change at a hare’s pace it can be often difficult to fathom where to begin. 

Thankfully, the digital marketing experts at Myk Baxter Marketing are here to offer a helping hand to all digital business owners. By compiling together our top tips on how you can best utilise the powers of digital marketing will ensure that you stay well-positioned post-COVID, and they are also here to take your calls or inquiries for anything you may need.

Set your business goals and objectives 

Prior to going live, it’s important to set a clear outline of your key goals, while ensuring that you keep them clear and simple. However, when compiling this list, we encourage you to push yourself and think big – after all, nothing is impossible!

During this process, it’s also beneficial to identify your business niche and to research your competitors to ensure that you stand out within your sector. Myk Baxter Marketing can help businesses identify the goals best suited to their online and digital objectives. 

Identify your audience 

By taking into consideration your audience’s demographic (including their age, gender, interest, and income) you will be able to adapt your content and marketing strategy to suit their needs, leading to more sales and more engagement.

Utilising applications like Google Analytics is a great way to identify your target audience, while social media platforms such as Facebook offer more in-depth and detailed information on your audiences (if you have a page already), allowing you to further identify exactly what makes your audience tick. 

Utilise the powers of social media 

As social media marketing continues to evolve, it’s important to identify which platforms will work best for you when promoting your business. For example, if you’re an owner of a fashion retailer, you may receive the best engagement by using Instagram and its features, including IGTV and Reels. You can read more about the significance of this by clicking here

Seek assistance from professionals

The world of digital marketing can be often hard to navigate through alone, so it can be beneficial to seek advice from digital marketing professionals, such as the team at Myk Baxter Marketing

Based within County Durham, Myk Baxter and his team of industry professionals pride themselves on supporting both start-up and enterprise-level businesses in the UK with their website and digital marketing needs – whilst encouraging their clients to dream bigger and think differently. 

Alongside their consultancy support and highly-praised services, MBM can also help start-up business owners within the North East of England to claim the North East Business Support Fund from NBSL. 

To learn more about the fund and how to set up your business plan, you can contact the team directly by visiting their website today. 

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