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Cyber Weekend itself is just a few days away. However, like most other eCommerce retailers, I can guarantee that when reading this your sale has been live for the last week or so.

But, this weekend is set to be a little different from the previous one due to the current climate. The cost of living is continuing to rise & people are becoming more conscious of their outgoings, meaning that they are to be savvier with what they buy over the busy shopping period.

So, as the hunt for the best bargains & discounts begins, today I want to share with you some of the steps to action to ensure you have your best Cyber Weekend yet.

Let’s get into it.

Make The Most Of Your Existing Marketing Tools

Now isn’t the time to throw yourself into a new type of marketing and entice new customers. It’s about focusing on the marketing tools you already have in place and retaining your existing customers for example; sending out an email newsletter enclosing your deals or an SMS informing them of when your discounts are increasing.

During this time it’s okay to send out multiple messages a day as your sale evolves, but it is key that you cut through the noise. 1000’s of other businesses across the country will be doing the same, so make sure yours are engaging and market your brand in the best way.

The Strongest Offers Win

Naturally, the main thing that influences a customer’s purchase decision across Black Friday and Cyber Weekend is discounts.

Providing the strongest discounts across this period is key, but you want to do it smartly to increase the average order value and overall revenue. Discounting bundled products is a great way of doing this, as you are providing value to your customers whilst also increasing the revenue of each order. 

The electronic sector is one of the key players in this trend, with retail giant Curry’s offering some incredible bundle offers across gaming & camera equipment this weekend. There’s a reason why they continue to stand firm in the retail sector.

Website Quality is Key

So you’ve got your marketing setup & your discounts are ready & waiting, but if your website isn’t built to handle a level of high traffic, it will be a business nightmare. Across the period, keep in contact with your developer or maintenance provider to ensure everything is ticking over smoothly.

Make sure to keep your images compressed and file sizes reduced, minimizing the ‘weight’ on your website. Also, trial run your discount codes, shipping parameters, and CTAs (Call To Action) to allow for a better user experience.

Above is just a few points to keep in mind this Cyber weekend but you can find more guidance below:

Have a great one!

Thanks for reading,

Myk Baxter, eCommerce Consultant

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