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A few weeks back I shared my own personal mental health journey, & discussed how reaching out to the great John Beamson made the world of difference to my mental, physical and emotional state. To read this article, click here.

I received a lot of supportive messages and comments following publishing the blog post, including from the wonderful MBM team, who have supported me every step of the way, even during those dark times.

Now naturally, as I preach about the importance of looking after your mindset, as the founder of Myk Baxter Marketing it is even more important that I look after those who work alongside me. Not only is it important that they are happy & content in themselves but that we power through together to help our clients receive the best possible results. After all, a happy mind is a smart mind.

The most significant way I believe to protect my team and our standard of work is to disengage with those clients who are cruel & unkind towards them, especially those who are client-facing on a daily basis.

Only recently did we have a client treat us this way, and oh didn’t we handle them well!

For some context, we had worked alongside the business since May 2020, which during this time we developed a new site, provided hosting/maintenance services on a monthly basis & created SEO content for over 1000+ products on their website. 

Not once had this client ever complained about the services we had provided, and we as an agency had even gone above and beyond, working into the early hours of the morning and even across our weekends.

So, you’ll be & we were surprised to hear that they were jumping ship to another provider to get a cheaper rate, although they were already on our lowest maintenance package even though they were on our legacy pricing structure, which we had kept them on as a gesture of goodwill.

we were yet to increase our standard advertised prices.  They also mentioned that our services are lacklustre when bringing the partnership to a close. 

After the email landed in my inbox, I was quick to jump in to protect my team members, those whose services and work ethics are unmatched when it comes to delivering web development and digital marketing services. I have no haste in outing clients who are disrespectful and ungrateful when certain things may not have gone their way. To prove this was not about the money, we actually cancelled their notice period and upcoming invoice with immediate effect too.

This becomes even more prominent as we approach the cold, dark days where we are hemmed in at home and when our mental health hits an all-time low. The lead-up to the most wonderful time of year should be a happy one, even if we are preparing to be incredibly busy as we almost reach full capacity for Q4!

I’d love to know if any of my fellow entrepreneurs or digital marketing consultants feel the same. 

Thanks for reading,

Myk Baxter, eCommerce Consultant

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