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A marketing audit is simply a comprehensive analysis of your business’ online and offline marketing environment. Which is to say, it looks at the company’s goals, objectives, strategies and techniques to identify problem areas and areas to improve. 

For many business owners, a marking audit right now seems to make little sense – of course, marketing has reduced in the wake of COVID-19, and once the pandemic lifts and we return to a ‘new normal’ then marketing will have to adapt. This interim period seems pointless and not worth the exercise. 

However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. At Myk Baxter Marketing, we believe in the power of preemptive marketing. Which is to say, we understand that today marketing budgets are low and strategies will change when we see the full picture post-COVID, but we also believe that being ahead of the game – or curve if you like pandemic-based terminology – sets a successful business apart from those who are slow to adapt.

This is why Myk Baxter Marketing is offering a free marketing audit to help identify what can be done in this current situation and how you can adapt and evolve in the months to come. This online website marketing audit can give you the insight to improve your digital marketing and beat the competition to the punchline. 

By first asking what all your marketing goals and objectives are, Myk Baxter Marketing works out what is aligned, and what is not. Marketing goals should be SMART – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound. This process allows you to create concrete goals that are easy to assess and will keep you on track as you continue with your inbound marketing campaigns.

After that, MBM looks at your customer personas and identifies the competition to fully understand the playing field. After a crash course on your products and services, only then can the analysis take place. 

The free marketing audit helps identify areas of strength and weakness, analysing each section. From there, MBM suggests a plan of action, starting with technical fixes to things such as fixing broken links, removing 404 errors, updating SEO, or resolving any analytics-tracking issues. Gaps in content and quick opportunities are then identified, along with more long-term goals that can be set around COVID- and non-COVID- related marketing strategies.

As experts in marketing, Myk Baxter Marketing has the tools and the know-how to quickly identify your marketing weakness and find ways for you to evolve, adapt, improve and most importantly, get ahead of the competition online. 

With a detailed marketing audit under your belt, you’ll be ready to give out strategic marching orders that align with your marketing goals and business needs. Make the most of this offer now and contact Myk Baxter Marketing today. 


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